Be brave, my friend – Sergi Bassolí

sergiIn the world there are two different kind of people, the people who dares to be free and the people who don’t. Sergi is the kind of people that makes his dreams come true without regreting it, taking risks, being brave.“I always wanted to ride a kayak on the Mediterranean coast and finally made it last year. I wanted to go on a trip when I finished college, but I didn’t want to have the typical trip, and I thought the kayak would be a good choice after spending the last summers going over there with it”.

At the beginning he only thought to go over the Catalan coast, but then he thought that maybe he could go over the Iberian Peninsula coast including Portugal, why not? He began his trip in June at Argelès sur mer in France (for him, that’s where Costa Brava begins) and ended in December in San Sebastián. Going over to different seas like Mediterranean or Cantabrian is unavoidable asking Sergi which is his favourite. “They were two different travel styles, but for the circumstances. If I had begun to reverse, would have enjoyed the Cantabrian Sea or the Atlantic more as I’d like, but I run out of time. I missed a lot of Galicia, Cantabria and the Basque Country because it was November, cold and often not the sun came up … I’m always with Cap de Creus, Costa Brava and the Mediterranean that is where I feel most comfortable, because I like to snorkel, hike …”

After spending 186 days riding his kayak is not surprising that he met a lot of strange people. Drug traffickers, fugitives, homeless, ex-legionnaires … “I have lived with people of all kinds. On the islands there is always a special atmosphere, is another way to live … On an island, in Faro, I was told that if I saw a large wad of cocaine at sea they came and gave me 15 000 or 20 000 euros, but I didn’t find anything, maybe it’s better like that. But perhaps one of the more anecdotical things that happened was that a helicopter tried to rescue me because they thought that I died in the Galician coast.”. Luckily he didn’t shipwreck as Robinson Crusoe did and he live to tell the tale and not only for dating impressionable girls. He has accomplished his goal. “When you finish a trip like that, you feel bad. You realize that during this time the experience was great, but it’s over and you wanted more.”

His story make me think about freedom and how we can find it in this world. “It’s possible to be free, because I felt free the first day of the trip, but just because I haven’t anything that ties me. It depends on each person, you can feel free having a house on the hill if this makes you really happy, the important thing is to find this freedom inside you, taking out the fears and knowing what you really want and fight to achieve it”.

Like William Wallace said in Braveheart “They may take away our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom”. Let it be that way.

If you want more, you can visit Sergi’s blog.


Entrevista realizada para Medmag, el blog de Medwinds.