Leidmann: It’s all about enthusiasm


It’s all about enthusiasm. You can just wear glasses, or you can love your glasses as a very important part of yourself. If you want to show the world your fascinating style, step into the latest dependence (one of three) of Leidmann at Munich’s exclusive Maximilianstrasse and discover great eyewear products from brands like Mykita, Thom Browne, Barton Perreira, Onono, Reiz, Cuttler & Gross or ic! berlin. As they say, they don’t care about the brands: they simply have the best eyewear in the planet. There, you will find some unusual materials like Buffalo Horn, gold or wood.

Another good reason to visit this cool spot is the design of the shop. Since their opening has been featured in many architecture and style blogs around the world. Always a cool hangout with a fantastic service and easy talks.

Review published in The Cool Guide.